Building Safety Act Information: Queensborough Terrace 41 (L&T) – 1-7 Queensborough Terrace

Welcome to the Building Safety Act (BSA) Information Page dedicated to your building. 

The Building Safety Act is vital legislation designed to ensure that buildings meet rigorous safety standards, protecting residents like you and anyone who visits your property from potential hazards.

Below is where you can find documentation or links to information and your detailed Resident Engagement Strategy, empowering you to view and keep up to date with all the decisions and information that affect your living environment. Together, these initiatives create a secure and inclusive community where your well-being is our top priority.

Please explore the information below to learn more about how we prioritise safety and resident engagement in your block.

Landlord’s & Residents Responsibilities

The Building Safety Act requires residents and owners of residential units to take active steps concerning their residential unit(s) to prevent a building safety risk from materialising and reduce the severity of any incident resulting from the risk materialising. The document below lists these responsibilities:

Resident and Landlords Responsibilities Factsheet

Resident Engagement Strategy

As the managing agent for your property, our top priority is your safety and comfort and we are fully committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all.

We’re excited to invite residents, homeowners and visitors over 16 to explore our Resident Engagement Strategy. This strategy is part of the Building Safety Act and applies to any block over 18m. It is all about keeping you informed and involved in decisions that affect your safety and well-being. You can find a link to your full strategy document below:

Resident Engagement Strategy – Queensborough Terrace 41 (L&T) – 1-7 Queensborough Terrace

Emergency Plan

In an emergency, it is important to understand your building’s emergency plan; the plan outlines what to do in an emergency. The plan for your block can be viewed on our customer portal, around your block on notice boards and in communal areas. You can also review your emergency plan using the below link:

Emergency Plan – Queensborough Terrace 41 (L&T) – 1-7 Queensborough Terrace

Fire Risk Assessment

A Fire Risk Assessment is a comprehensive report completed by a qualified Fire Risk Assessor to identify any potential fire hazards, assess the risk associated with those hazards, and develop a list of actions to minimize or eliminate them. It involves checks on the building structures, fire safety systems, and evacuation procedures to ensure the safety of everyone within your building.

All fire safety hazards and any required actions are available to view via your customer portal, around your block on notice boards, or if you would like to view your block’s recent Fire Risk Assessment and your Safety Case Report or a plan that shows the location of your fire safety equipment, please let us know via

BSA Related Queries

Our top priority is ensuring that you have a clear understanding of how we adhere to BSA regulations and how they impact you. All the information provided above is available on your customer portal or this page for anyone over 16 visiting your property. If you need further information or clarification on any of this information or would like to address any issues you’ve encountered, our dedicated team is ready to assist you every step of the way and can be contacted at

You can review your complaints procedure using the link below if you have a complaint regarding the above. This document will also help you identify whether your complaint falls within BSA guidelines.

BSA Complaints Procedure – Queensborough Terrace 41 (L&T) – 1-7 Queensborough Terrace