Corporate Social Responsibility

Whilst we all have an environmental impact in the way that we live and work, RMG is taking positive steps to reduce its own footprint with several new initiatives aimed at cutting energy as well as its carbon emissions.

As part of the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), RMG has reviewed its energy consumption and is now looking at reduction measures that, as well as providing internal efficiencies, will reduce its energy usage and encourage green practices amongst its staff and suppliers.

Supporting this is a Greenhouse Gas Assessment, which looks at the annual emissions emitted by RMG, taking into account business travel as well as energy consumption.  This benchmarking process will assist in identifying areas to focus on carbon reduction measures whilst supporting RMG on a path of sustainable growth.

You can find out more about the charities we support by clicking the links below:

The Booth Centre –

Isabel Hospice-

Macmillan Cancer Support –

Jeans for Genes-


The RMG Gender Pay Gap Report identifies the data for the period 2019 to 2020 and sets out the company commitment to tackling its pay gap. With the commitment of the board of Directors It is intended that the business will use the data to establish how it will tackle the differences and close the gap. To view our information please click below:

RMG Gender Pay Gap Report 31.03.21