Housing Solutions

RMG has provided Westminster City Council with a full Housing Solutions Service since 2001. It is the only fully integrated Housing Solutions service provided by a private sector company for a local authority.

RMG are transforming the Housing Solutions Service: from a traditional homelessness service to a more mobile and community focused service, with an emphasis on prevention and early intervention alongside other much needed support services such as employment and family support.

RMG has been providing the Housing Solutions Service to the Council since 2001. With a new contract awarded to the Places for People Group in 2017, this brought together the experience of RMG and the specialist knowledge of the charities, Shelter and The Passage. This ‘Partnership of Experts’ provides for a new and innovative approach to preventing homelessness and providing residents with a broader range of housing solutions.

The Housing Solutions Service is a significant contract for the City Council. The new partnership demonstrates our proactive and innovative approach to service delivery, particularly considering the pressures around homelessness in Westminster and the new duties under the Homelessness Reduction Act, which were introduced in April 2018.

RMG have redesigned the service with a ‘One Front Door’ so residents receive a consistent level of service wherever and whenever they need help. Services will be delivered across the city and tailored to meet the needs of vulnerable families and single people at points in their lives when homelessness is a real risk.

Together with our partners – Shelter and The Passage – RMG want to provide the best customer experience for Westminster’s residents, making it as easy as possible to access local services. We take responsibility for dealing with problems in full, working with people and families to prevent more complex issues developing. RMG will be there to support people to make the best choices for their neighbourhoods and families.