Online Chat

We are constantly developing new initiatives that actively aid us in the everyday management of your property. Our latest innovation is the launch of our online chat service. With the introduction of this service, we provide an additional and instant means of communication for our clients and customers.

Customers can expect immediate access to our customer services team when activating an online chat via our website.

Through this service you can:

  • Initiate a chat with a knowledgeable agent who has full access to relevant  information
  • Request and receive documents instantaneously via email
  • Send documents instantaneously via email
  • Request a transcript of the chat for your records
  • Raise an issue affecting you or your development
  • Provide feedback on your experience of the service

You can access the chat service at any point during your visit to the RMG or RMG Living website by clicking the designated “Chat with RMG” button. So the next time you need to contact us, why not have a chat.