Places for People


We exist to create places that work for everyone now and in the future. As a placemaker it is our mission to build sustainable communities that are for everyone, whatever their background and whatever their needs.

As a placemaking and regeneration company, with over 50 years’ experience, we take a commercial approach to delivering social outcomes – this is what makes us different. We are more committed, investing in the long-term sustainability of our places.

We have developed a broader offer; we are end-to-end partners to clients and communities. We are always pioneering – solving problems and leveraging new opportunities in the industry. These differences make places that thrive.

Places to live, places to work and workout, places to relax, places to think and play. Exceptional places for everyone. We create places for people.

There’s more to it than building houses – although we do a lot of that too.

We provide a wide range of property and asset management services – from market rent and affordable housing, to student and leasehold management.

We design, build and manage large-scale regeneration projects. We build a wide range of homes, to rent and buy. We also build and look after specialist accommodation for students and older people.

We provide care and support for people in the most difficult circumstances, including people with support needs, victims of domestic abuse and people battling homelessness. You can view advice on safeguarding here

As well as our work in housing, we also build and manage leisure facilities and deliver health and wellbeing programmes. And we also offer innovative financial products, so that even people who have been turned down by traditional banks can have financial security.

In short, we do whatever it takes to make places work for all.

Our Companies

Places for People is made up of more than 20 specialist companies, each working to build sustainable communities for all. We pride ourselves on our individual expertise and our ability to collaborate across the Group to provide an unrivalled end-to-end placemaking service. Click here for more information.