RMG Private Sector Leasing

Looking for a hassle-free way to rent your property?

We are an award-winning residential management company that aims to make letting and managing your property a simple and easy process. If you want to rent your property quickly without paying lettings fees, then our service is for you.

RMG Lettings offers you a long term lease (up to 5 years) with guaranteed rent to landlords with the right properties.

We understand that letting your property can be a risky and complicated business in an ever-changing market with an increasing legislative burden for landlords. That is why we provide a high quality lettings and management service while also supporting tenants to build sustainable tenancies.

You can leave the hard work involved in letting a property to us. We offer a full tenancy management, repairs and maintenance service, including all the benefits of the Guaranteed Rent lease package.


Management of repairs and maintenance

We will attend to any general repairs and maintenance and arrange for the bills to be paid from your rent. If you prefer to carry out repairs yourself, we can also oversee the quality of the works.

Quarterly property inspections will be carried out, with a full report provided to you.

For major repairs exceeding £120 we will advise you what is needed and provide a quote so you can make the final decision.


Tenancy Support

A dedicated Tenancy Manager will liaise with tenants throughout the tenancy, providing them with ongoing support and solving any issues that may arise.

We will sort out any general repairs and maintenance up to £120 per incident and arrange for the bills to be paid from your rent. For anything over this amount, or any future works you may request, we will advise you what is needed and provide a quote. We can also arrange and oversee these works if required.


Is my property ready to let?


We take pride in the standard of our properties and therefore any property let through RMG Lettings must meet our minimum standards and requirements which include: 

All properties must be clean, well maintained and presented.

All properties must be fitted with operational smoke alarms that meet relevant fire and safety regulations.

All structural elements of the property (such as rainwater goods, doors, windows and so forth), should operate as designed and be in good condition and repair.

Gas and electrical safety certificates must be provided as required.


Our full list of property standards can be found here.


We can help if your property does not meet the minimum criteria and may be able to help obtain grant assistance and/or access to good quality repairs and maintenance work.


How much rent can I get for my property?

Our team will be happy to talk to you about a market valuation for your property and the guaranteed rent level that we can offer. Please give us a call on 0207 598 1600 to discuss our rates.  We will work with you to ensure that the rent level achieved covers your mortgage and other expenses in order to protect your investment.


Property inspection and inventory preparation

We will carry out a full property inspection and prepare an inventory on your behalf on the condition of your property. We will provide you with a written report outlining any areas that will need addressing before the property can be accredited and let.


Our tenants

All our prospective tenants are assessed and checked before we arrange for them to view your property. We will visit the property every 3 months to ensure the tenants are keeping their home in a good state of repair.


Preparation of tenancy and management agreements

Your Property Manager will arrange for all documentation to be drawn up and signed by all parties. This will include all documents necessary to ensure that your rent is paid directly into your bank account.


Guaranteed rental income

We are able to guarantee your rent by paying it directly to you each month. This means that even if the tenant has a delayed payment, you will still receive the rent every month under the terms of our lease. We guarantee the rent agreed between you and RMG Lettings for the duration of the lease.


Our full information and our service standards can be found here.