Health & Safety Services

At RMG we have our own in-house team of qualified health and safety surveyors dedicated to providing advice and guidance specifically tailored to the residential management sector.

The services we provide enable us to control health and safety risks to properties and compliance with constantly changing legislation and guidance.

Our team have experience of effectively managing contact with enforcing authorities and we have successfully challenged the serving of legal notices, directing them to the proper responsible party.


Clients who elect to employ our services can avoid significant costs in employing specialist consultants to assist with remedial actions which, if not carried out correctly, can result in prosecution by the enforcing authority.

Services we offer include:

  • Health & Safety/Fire Risk Assessment Report
  • Water Risk Assessments
  • Asbestos Management and Control
  • Process Risk Assessment for Onsite Staff
  • Playground Inspection
  • Variation Orders
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans