Balance Awareness Week – Caroline’s Story

This week is balance awareness week.

(At least) one of our colleagues is affected by a balance disorder so we wanted to raise awareness and tell her story.

Caroline Crompton works in our Customer Service Centre in the Northwich office. She first noticed that something wasn’t quite right eight years ago, in August 2014. As a keen horse rider, she was out riding when she started to feel dizzy. She dismounted and fell over, having completely lost her balance.

Her symptoms continued so she went to her GP to try to find out what was causing the constant dizziness and blurred vision.

The doctor thought it was Labyrinthitis at first. I’ve had loads of tests, CT scans, MRIs and been to ENT specialists but it’s so hard to get a diagnosis because vestibular disorders aren’t well understood.”

Caroline’s day to day life is impacted by her balance disorder. She often feels fatigued and has been forced to take time off work when her condition flares up. Last year she was hospitalised and was off work for 6 weeks.

“It has definitely knocked my confidence. I often feel disorientated and my hearing and vision goes, so I hardly ever go out on my own. I’ve lost a lot of independence.”

Caroline can’t drive anymore and can no longer enjoy doing things she loves like horse riding. Normal day to day activities that most people take for granted, like going to the shops, has become a real challenge for her.

“The team around me at work are brilliant. They do loads for me and understand the difficulties I face and how they can help. They are always walk with me and are really supportive.”

To find out more about vestibular disorders visit: Vestibular disorders