Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow – Fundraising for The Booth Centre

As chronicled in earlier blog posts, RMG are on a mission to raise £20,000 in aid of the Booth Centre which provides an overwhelming amount of support for the homeless in and around the Manchester area. With two weeks to go before the Manchester marathon and Tough Mudder challenges, and with just over £14,000 in the bank, we set ourselves a mini target of £600 across all offices to help bump up the total.

To entice colleagues into donating further, the very brave Chris Jones and Paul Golds from our CSC and Property Management departments volunteered to have their legs waxed, should we hit our goal by 10am on Friday 11th May. Not wanting to be left out of the action, Alison Sutherland and Lewis Millington from our CSC and SED departments volunteered to have their heads shaved if we raised the £600 in our office.

That was motivation enough for our colleagues who banded together and with a last minute push, raised a fantastic £818. There was nowhere to hide for Alison and Lewis who were first up come lunch time to have their heads shaved. Alison bravely went first out of desperation to “get it over with” and was first in the barber’s seat. After what seemed like the longest five minutes of 2018, Alison’s signature pink tresses were replaced by a very cute grade 3 which suited her flawlessly. Lewis was up next and opted for a grade 2, saying goodbye to the thick head of hair he is known for. Whilst being strategically shaved by resident barber Chelsea, who produced a bald strip with long sides look, Lewis exclaimed “That’s it Chels, show everyone my hairline first.”

Next we moved on to the waxing; Chris and Paul decided to be waxed in tandem as the anticipation became all too much. As part of the promotion, a £5 donation afforded you the chance to rip a wax strip from either participant – needless to say, we got a lot of fivers. As many of our waxers were novices, the volunteers could be heard to be in quite some discomfort, making for some fantastic Snapchat stories. The pain proved too much for Paul who left with one smooth and one ‘natural’ leg while Chris opted for multiple wax strips being removed at once in an attempt to get it over with quicker.

The boys were salved by many in the audience who assured them that smooth legs and fresh bedsheets were the best combination they had to look forward to for the next few days. We look forward to their reviews of this experience come next week.

In all, the mini fundraiser was an overwhelming success, pushing us even closer to our 20K target in aid of the Booth Centre. With two weeks to go until the races, we’ll be coming up with even more inventive ways of generating donations, however, we’re pretty certain Alison, Lewis, Chris and Paul will be ‘out of the office’ when we make our next suggestions!


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