Kensington Gardens


RMG were approached to manage Kensington Gardens by the Developer and Resident Director as they felt our input would help address long standing issues on the site. Although a new build development, the conditions of estate areas were below par, due to neglect and services coming to a halt. Both vehicle gates were non operational, bin store and surrounding areas were overflowing with rubbish, and there was criminal activity present due to youths accessing a number of areas of the development.


Since handover we have corrected a number of issues such as addressing the functionality of the gates, instigating increasing security around the estate by installing additional gates and working with the Council and agents for the apartment blocks in regards to the refuse issues.

We were only able to address these issues by ensuring open communication channels with residents to find out what their core concerns were and what their vision for their site was. We also elevated the presence of our property managers on site to ensure that Facilities and Grounds Maintenance issues were being addressed according to our impeccable standards.


Since May 2015, RMG have been tackling the central issues ailing the site and have made great strides in this stead. However, although a number of issues have been corrected, we recognise that ongoing problems will take time to correct with plans being implemented over time.

Through our steadfast commitment and long term planning, we will continue to drive this site to meet its management potential.