Lister Mill (Bradford)


RMG were appointed managing agents of Lister Mill in 2012 as the leaseholders felt there was more that could be done with the management of the site. With approximately 300 apartments inside the converted old silk and velvet mills, there were a number of building issues across the development that we had to tackle in order to meet resident’s needs and expectations.


RMG’s main priority was ensuring full Health and Safety Compliance to protect both the Freeholder and Lessee’s assets. This meant meeting with the resident’s committee regularly to get their input on ideas regarding the development and to ensure we were meeting their expectations.

One of the larger projects we have completed consists of installing a new LED emergency lighting system in the central staircase of Silk Warehouse as this was a priority to meet health and safety standards.

New internal pedestrian stairs were also installed leading to the main entrance of Silk Warehouse. The old staircase was built in keeping with the listed historic feel of the development, however, suffered an enormous amount of wear and tear due to pedestrian traffic. It was agreed to replace the steps with a more robust material that is still in keeping with the development. This was well received by residents and there are now no trip/ slip risks that could have been associated with the older worn steps.

It was also agreed to create an anti-slip walkway between the two car port entrances on the timber decking in the courtyard as it was recognised this can get quite slippery and was a hazard to residents. Anti slip strips were installed along the entire length of the decking creating a defined, safe walk way for residents.

RMG also worked with West Yorkshire Fire to implement new automated smoke vents in the roof of Silk Warehouse as well as liaising with the Freeholder on works required and securing integral funding to ensure that all necessary health & safety compliance was instigated.


Without the intervention of RMG’s skilled staff and expertise, such essential considerations as Health and Safety Compliance may have remained neglected and led to an unsafe environment for residents. With these actions, RMG made sure that the right attention was being paid to core issues. We will continue to action changes as necessary and continue to build on our relationship with the Residents Association and attend to their expectations.