RMG Lend a Helping Hand – Grozone

On Tuesday 20th September, three volunteers from our Northwich office donated their time and energy at Grozone community garden in Cheshire. Rebecca Forster, Alison Sutherland and Nikita Mangan spent 4 hours removing weeds and cutting back shrubs in the Nectar Garden of the centre as well as some other necessary tasks.

Grozone offers voluntary opportunities for all social and horticultural therapy for people with mild to moderate depression and anxiety and has been treated as a ‘hidden oasis’ for the local community. The upkeep of the garden relies solely on the help of volunteers and the Grozone Team were extremely happy with the hard work and dedication of the RMG volunteers in completing the task at hand. The Nectar Garden surrounds the onsite bee hives, and is designed to allow the bees to thrive. The area had become overgrown, and Rebecca, Alison and Nikita were able to cut back the shrubs and remove all the weeds.

Alison and Nikita also took part in assisting the bee keeper to collect some honey from the bee hives, and they were keen to learn more about the bees and how the hives work. Nikita was so impressed with the opportunity she as pledged to return once a month to help keep the garden thriving!

A huge thank you to the volunteers for their hard work and enthusiasm.

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