Senior Leadership Programme

Are you born a Leader?

There is some debate over the question of whether leadership skills are a natural trait or if a leader can be ‘made’?

Residential Management Group believes both are true, but that in the main, leaders are mostly ‘made’.  We also recognise that Leaders continue to develop and build on their leadership skills throughout their career!

To support this, we have developed a programme for those within the business who are already in a leadership role, and by working with the De Montfort University created a bespoke Leadership Programme which builds on the experience and existing capabilities of these key senior managers.

Over the last three months some of RMG’s future leaders have had the opportunity to cover leadership related subjects, such as Identity (style, brand), Communication Influencing (persuading and negotiating), Handling challenges (critical thinking, accountability) and sustaining their own development.  They have created and used a ‘real-life’ business change project over the course of the programme, which they will bring back to RMG.  And to maximise the training, they have received some intense one to one coaching to benefit them individually.

RMG Leaders

Pictured are Dipa Patel (DMU) Hugh McGeever, Michael Williams, Andrew Carter, Paul Hitchen, Chris Alexander, Alex Morgan (DMU). Unfortunately due to the rail strike work commitments Leila Manzi was present virtually and Debbie Cook was not available.












On Wednesday 22nd June it all came to a close, and some of the participants had an opportunity to present their change project ideas to Hugh McGeever, the RMG Managing Director.  Hugh then awarded them with their certificates of completion.


Their next leadership challenge will be implementing their projects back in the workplace to the benefit of the business, its employees and themselves.  We wish them luck with the introduction of their ideas!