RMG Summer Internships 2022

We’re taking part in the Cheshire & Warrington Pledges’ Summer Internship Programme and we have brought five interns on board to support three projects in the business over the summer months. 

The five interns, Farai Mhlanga, Eleanor Greaves, Daniel Fall, Laurence Bowman and Gabriel Thomson in a Graphical based background with the spirit colours.

Every year 5,000 young people from Cheshire and Warrington go off to university outside of the area and then don’t return, resulting in a massive export of talent from our area. To counteract this, The Pledge have teamed up with local businesses to create a paid summer intern programme to entice university students who are from Cheshire but studying away from home, back to the area over the summer break. The programme aims to show undergraduates from our region that there are great opportunities to start their careers back in Cheshire.

The idea behind the internship is to build links between young people and businesses, giving young people positive and valuable hands-on experience in the workplace, while businesses benefit from their skills, energy and fresh perspective in tackling those important projects that have been on the to-do list for ages but never get done due to lack of resource.

The first intern duo we’re going to introduce to you are working in the same role, as Media & Communications Interns. Gabriel Thomson and Laurence Bowman joined us at the end of June and are doing a fantastic job of creating content as well as a social media and comms strategy. 

Gabriel described her first month at the company as “Exciting, Interesting, Supported.”

Laurence gave a quote about his time at the company, he said, “My time at RMG has been very enjoyable so far. I have been challenged with projects and supported every step of the way by a great support team in the office. The friendly environment at the company has really helped me to build confidence with every task I complete and as a result has allowed me to keep building and honing my skills. I hope to come out of this experience having put my theory and knowledge from academia into practice and have a deeper understanding of media and communications.”

Our second intern duo is Daniel Fall and Eleanor Greaves. These two joined us around mid July as Communications Interns to review all our customer letter templates. They’re doing a brilliant job of re-writing our letters for our customers so that everything is just that little bit easier to understand.

Daniel described his first month at the company as “Welcoming, Fun, Informative.”

Eleanor described her experience so far as “really enjoying learning about and gaining experience within the [property management] sector. I enjoy working with the team and having a chance to contribute as an intern”

Finally, Farai Mhlanga joined us around the same time as Daniel and Eleanor. He is working with us as a Health & Safety Intern. His role involves working with the health and safety team to see if their processes can be improved to make sure all our sites are the safest they can be.

Farai described his first month at the company as “Exciting, Educational, Intriguing.”

What is one tip you would give an intern coming into this industry? Let us know below.