Five Ways to Make the Most of Your Property in Good Weather

This week the UK has seen three of its ten contracted hot days a year and everyone is scrambling to make the most of it before the forecasted thunderstorm hits on Saturday. Park benches have been at a premium with more outside lunches and afternoon walks being taken in these last three days than all of 2018 so far. Beer gardens have dusted off their garden sets and supermarkets have stock piled cider for their shelves. And with highs of 22 degrees in the north and 30 degrees in the south it’s not hard to see why.

We all know how to make the most of the sunshine during the day, but how can we benefit once we’re back at home? Here are our top five ways:

Put up an outdoor clothes line. You’ll save money and energy by leaving your dryer out of your laundry routine. Your clothes will also have a delicious spring freshness while taking less time to dry. The environment thanks you.

Deep clean your grill and have a barbeque for tea. This one takes a bit of effort before you reap your reward as you will have to clean your grill out first and a lot of us probably haven’t spared a thought for the grill since we put it at the back of the shed last summer… but who doesn’t love a homemade barbeque for dinner? Especially the smell of BBQ food on the grill? It’ll be worth it.

Have a picnic dinner. If the thought of digging out your grill for a homemade BBQ sends chills down your spine and ruins your sunny disposition, ditch the grill and have a picnic instead. A quick trip to your local supermarket for some premade BBQ favourites means you can spend less time prepping dinner and more time lounging on your lawn on a picnic blanket in the glorious sunshine.

Wash your windows. There may not have been much to look at during the winter months but clean windows add to your ability to appreciate the great weather for longer. And you get to reap the benefits long after the sun has gone in.

Water your plants. Nothing adds to a bright summer’s day like colourful flowers all in full bloom. Set the scene for your day of garden relaxation by making sure your plants and flowers have been thoroughly hydrated. Also, you have the perfect segue to starting a water fight which isn’t a bad thing.